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Rugged Switch | APAC

Prevent failures of controllers used in harsh environments

Eliminate failure by using waterproof/dustproof switches

In harsh environments switch failure cannot be completely prevented by controller protection alone
Special-use vehicles such as garbage trucks are equipped with a controller on the exterior of the vehicle so that workers can perform operations from outside of the vehicle. The outside of such vehicles are exposed to wind and rain, and garbage trucks especially become covered in dust and grime, making it necessary to prevent switch failure by use waterproof and dustproof measures.

Even with the standard switch covers to protect them from wind, rain, dust, and other harsh elements, these covers deteriorate over time, rainwater or dust can penetrate the switches, resulting in failure. Additionally, a switch failure while working carries a high risk of work being delayed for a long period of time. If considering usability for users, it is necessary to securely prevent switch failure.

Highly robust waterproof and dustproof switches can eliminate switch failure concerns

IDEC recommends our CT Series of APEM Toggle Switches due to their robust waterproof and dustproof structure that have been used and tested with actual garbage trucks operating in severe conditions. The CT Series of switches features a unique packing protective structure that prevents packing deterioration due to toggle operation and serves to maintain the IP67 protective structure for a long period. For this reason, work can be performed not only with peace of mind but there are also no worries of failure when washing vehicles either.
The use and storage ambient temperature range of the environmentally resistant type is from -40 to +85 degrees, allowing for use outdoors in a wide range of environments. Additionally, these switches use a rolling mechanism that slides on metal rollers and serves to further improve durability by preventing friction of contact parts.

IDEC provides a rich lineup of robust switches perfect for use with special vehicles
IDEC, your switch specialists, not only provides the CT Series of APEM Toggle Switches presented here, but also features an excellent lineup of switches in various shapes and specifications. Feel free to consult IDEC so that we can recommend the perfect switch to match your actual application.