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Remote Monitoring | APAC

Remote monitoring by maintenance staff reduces downtime

Taking halfway measures results in the increase of frequent breakdown
When processing equipment fails at a production site, there are cases where an on-site operator must take emergency measures. For example, at a food processing plant, an on-site operator had to deal with a short time breakdown instead of a maintenance staff. Because fundamental measures were not taken, short time breakdown occurred frequently, causing downtime in the long run. Have you experienced this kind of situation at your production site? If a maintenance staff is near the production site, the operator can easily ask them to investigate the cause and ensure recovery, but this is unfortunately not always the case. As a result, halfway measures were repeatedly taken.

Remote monitoring enables prompt repair by maintenance personnel

How can you implement more thorough measures in these types of production sites? IDEC has the answer for food processing companies with this type of concern. Our solution is remote monitoring of food processing equipment. IDEC's FC6A Programmable Controller is an "IoT controller", a PLC equipped with a web server function. By connecting to the Internet, it is possible to check the system status through a web browser on a device such as a smartphone or a tablet PC without the need for additional modules or time-consuming programming. It is also possible to provide notification when an error occurs such as by sending error codes via email. This not only enables maintenance personnel to immediately detect the occurrence of an error, but they can also rush over to the site of the problem prepared with the necessary replacement parts.

By achieving this speedy maintenance system, maintenance staff can determine the root cause of short time breakdown and reduce the overall downtime.

Our various lineup of control and safety equipment help solve problems at your production site
IDEC offers a comprehensive lineup of control and safety equipment including the FC6A Programmable controller, operator interfaces, pilot lights, pushbuttons, relays, safety switches, emergency stop switches, enabling switches, safety laser scanners, and safety controllers. Contact IDEC if you have any questions or concerns regarding solutions at your production site.