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We have specified our reason for existence as “realizing safety, ANSHIN and well-being for people around the world.” In “The IDEC Way,” our philosophy for striving to become a truly global company, the concepts of “valuing people,” “developing people,” and “bringing out the best of people” have been passed down as our foundation.

Human Rights and Labor      Human Resource Development, Diversity & Inclusion
Human Rights Policy
■ Decent Work
■ Ethical Code of Conduct
■ Implementation of Human Rights Education
■ Rights for Labor Unions and Collective Bargaining
■ Policy for Developing Human Resources and Arranging Work Environments in Order to Ensure Diversity
■ Initiatives for the Recruitment and Development of Human Resources 
■ Initiatives for Diversity and Inclusion
■ Environmental Improvement Initiatives
Health ManagementSocial Contribution Activities
■ IDEC Group Health Declaration
■ IDEC Healthcare Center
■ Periodic Health Checkup and Comprehensive Medical Examination
■ Mental Health Initiatives
■ Initiatives against Second-hand Smoke
■ Promotion of employee safety and well-being
■ Health Seminar

Basic Policy on Social Contribution Activities
■ Solving Social Issues through Business Activities (CSV)
■ Social Contribution Activities