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Compact control components contribute to downsizing of machine tools

Are you having trouble meeting strict downsizing requirements?
In production lines that require high production efficiency such as processing of automotive mass production parts, arranging multiple low-width machine tools into lines is a valid option for shortening the time to transfer workpieces to the next process. Rails can be laid along this line which are used for robots that move with the workpiece as it advances through each process. In recent years, in order to realize their ideal production lines, factories are specifying detailed equipment dimensions and other specifications. Machine tool manufacturers are increasingly required to manufacture equipment that satisfies these custom requirements. While there are calls to make machine tools narrower in order to reduce the overall travel distance of the robots, there are also requests to enlarge the processing spaces inside machine tools. Although machine tool manufacturers have been working hard to downsize their products, there is still the question of what can be done to create machine tools that would satisfy the future requirements of users.

Compact control panels lead to solving your problems
When considering processing speed and accuracy, unnecessary risk is introduced when you try to modify the design of machine processing components themselves. Therefore, we can conclude that it is much easier to modify the design of machine control components. In such situations, IDEC recommends control panel miniaturization as an effective solution. Replacing each control component with a more compact version is a relatively easy way to miniaturize the control panel, and allows the creation of more space inside the machine tool. For example, by using the industry's smallest RV8H interface relay, it is possible to reduce the space by around half while maintaining the same level of performance as conventional relays. 

Also, by using our slim PS5R-V switching power supplies and the BC series spring clamp terminal blocks with reduced distance between terminals, the control panel can be made more compact and create more space inside the machine tool. By introducing a flexible mechanical design, user requirements can be met in a more flexible manner.

We deliver a wide range of control components tailored to various performance requirements and applications
IDEC also offers many other products that can help downsize control panels of machine tools. We have an extensive lineup of compact control components such as RJ series slim power relays with high contact current, and SJ series slim relay sockets. Contact IDEC for solutions concerning control components.