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The IDEC Group pledges to conduct all business activities in ways that contribute to the economy and the global community. Based on this fundamental policy, we strive to create a safe and comfortable environment within the IDEC Group and throughout the global community. The IDEC Group, unrivalled in the pursuit of safety, aspires to a higher level of safety in all operations.

Occupational Safety and Health System
■ Company-wide Safety and Health Committee
■ Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001)
■ Introduction of Safety and Health Activities 
Cooperative Safety / Safety 2.0
■ Pursuing technologies for safety and security
■ Creating optimal environments for humans and machines, to achieve well-being
Social Rule Formation / International Standardization
■ Solving social issues through the formation of social rules
■ Examples of specific activities
 ・IEC standardization activities
 ・ISO standardization activities
Development of Human Resources to Support Safety
■ Development of human resources capable of proposing safety and security to society
■ Training of professionals who can create safety, and qualified safety assessors
■ Proposal of safe manufacturing
■ Holding safety seminars
■ Implementation of safety consulting