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Smart Control Boxes | APAC

Improve safety and operability of heavy and large control boxes

Challenge: achieving both high level of safety and operability
An engineer of food processing equipment at a manufacturer which provided total services from food processing machines to packaging machines and plant engineering was working on PET bottle drink filling machine development. Considering safety, a large size operation box was used for drink filling machines to prevent accidents from occurring. It was intended to ensure safety of operators by forcing them to use both hands so that neither hand is free. However, users who introduced a filling machine mentioned that it was heavy and difficult to handle during manual operation of the filling machine or maintenance.
How could they ensure safety and operability at the same time? They came to IDEC for consultation, and IDEC proposed a certain product in order to solve the issue. What product did IDEC use?

Small and light-weight operation switch with 3-position enabling switches

IDEC proposed the use of control boxes equipped with compact, light-weight grip switches with auto-return type selector switches in place of heavy, large control boxes. While keeping the function to secure safety by forcing operators to use both hands and not to have free hands, it is light-weight, safe, and has superb design. With small size grip switches and operation switches, improved operability offers easy handling with small hands and narrow working environment. With the adoption of 3-position enabling switches in consideration of ergonomics that can stop immediately in emergency situations, safety is even more improved.

We visited the end user with the engineer and saw the device being tested. The user highly acclaimed our product for being light-weight and easy to operate. They are satisfied with the result and is thinking of using it not only for PET bottle filling machines but for various drink filling machines such as aseptic filling systems, can filling machines, bottle filling machines.

Line up of various safety devices provides a safe production floor
IDEC provides high-quality safety devices such as safety switches, emergency stop switches, enabling switches, safety laser scanners, and safety controllers and has a positive reputation for having the most safety assessors in the industry. IDEC can provide your company with consulting on overall safety solutions for your manufacturing floor, not just on safety devices. Please contact IDEC if you have any concerns about safety measures.