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Illuminated Switches | APAC

Intelligent solution of illuminated switch to prevent accidental operation inside a dark vehicle

Risk of probable mistaken switch pressing due to operation in darkness
The recent shortage in labor has brought an increase in circumstances where inexperienced operators are operating construction machinery at work sites. The risk of accident due to accidental or improper operation by inexperienced operators is thought to be increasing. One example is simply pressing the wrong switch.
This risk of pressing the wrong switch is especially increased when operating construction machinery after sundown. This is because the operation panel of construction machinery generally consists of numerous rocker switches that are the same shape, such that as the operator's cockpit is already not very brightly lit, it becomes difficult to see even at arm's length just after the sun goes down. The possibility of human error is also possibly increased in cases where the operator is tired after working in the bright afternoon sunlight. What safety measures are construction machinery manufacturers adopting to counter this type of risk?

Easily improve safety of workers by use of illuminated switches

In order to eliminate mistaken switch pressing in a dark operator's cockpit, it is necessary to provide clear visibility up to arm's length after the sun goes down. Although one option is the installation of lights at arm's length, the brightness provided by small lights is insufficient and space limitations for the addition of lights to the operator's cockpit prevents this from being a viable method. The best solution provided by IDEC is the use of our KR Series LED-illuminated rocker switches. The KR Series can light up the symbol printed on the switch so that it is readily noticeable even in a dark operator's cockpit in order to eliminate the risk of mistaken operation and help prevent accidents. Additionally, the KR Series is highly versatile due to the ability to customize the symbol printed on the switch.

Feel free to consult with IDEC regarding interfaces of construction machinery
IDEC features a complete lineup of rocker switches that are perfect for use with interfaces of construction machinery. In attention to the KR Series introduced here, we provide the KL Series (with an interlocking mechanism) and other switches that can optimally meet the needs of any manufacturer. Please feel free to first consult with us regarding any of these products.