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The basis of the IDEC Group’s corporate governance is to ensure management transparency and efficiency for shareholders and other stakeholders. For this reason, we assign outside directors and separate the management supervisory function from the execution function so as to always maintain a high priority on transparency and efficiency.

Corporate Governance      Compliance
■ Fundamental Concept
Corporate Governance Policy
Report on Corporate Governance
■ Corporate Governance System
■ Evolution of governance
■ Internal Control System
■ The Nominating Committee
■ Remuneration Policy for Directors
■ Policy on remuneration decisions
■ Efforts to Evaluate Effectiveness
Board of Directors
■ Fundamental Concept
■ Compliance Training Sessions
■ Anti-Corruption Policy
■ Internal Reporting System 
■ Approval as an Authorized Exporter                          
Risk ManagementTax Transparency
■ Risk Management System and Operation
■ Risk Monitoring Subcommittee
■ BCP Preparatory Subcommittee
■ Risk Map and Identification of High Risk Events
■ Tax Policy
Policy for cross-shareholding