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Positioning Enabling Switches | APAC

A 3-position enable switch ensures safety that complies with the international safety standards of machining centers.

Equipment design that complies with international safety standards that are revised regularly

Machine tool manufacturers that develop and manufacture lathe machines and machining centers are required to comply with international safety standards when designing equipment. International safety standards are revised regularly for the purpose of ensuring safety, and each manufacturer needs to review parts and designs each time.

The need for enable devices that comply with international safety standards

A machine tool manufacturer that develops and manufactures machine tools used for processing metal parts for automobiles.
Safety design to prevent occupational accidents is indispensable for machine tools such as lathe machines and machining centers, which are our main products. When moving mechanical elements with the movable guard open, not only in the automatic operation mode but also in the maintenance mode and setting mode, a mechanical design that takes safety into consideration is required.
Currently, safety measures using enable devices are required for lathe machines under the international safety standard ISO23125 and JIS B 6031 in Japan, and equipment designs using similar enable devices for machining centers will be required in the future. There was a high possibility that it would be required, and there was a problem in designing a device that ensured more safety.

Product safety and reliability based on many years of experience are key

Incorporate response to unexpected hazards into your design

IDEC has proposed a "3-position enable switch" to address these issues.
This product has an ergonomic and unexpected hazard response built into the design, which is the key to achieving a safety design, unlike a typical switch that has only two stages, on and off.
As a result, after a multifaceted study, we have adopted the 3-position enable switch "HE5B type" that supports φ16 hole mounting as the enable device for this device.

IDEC provides consulting not only on highly safe products such as the grip switch "HE1G type" and "HE2G type" that realize a grip feeling based on ergonomics, but also on the latest machine safety trends and how to assemble safety circuits. I have.

Strengthen efforts to ensure safety in other mechanical designs to meet market needs

After a multifaceted study, we have selected the HE5B 3-position enable switch that supports IDEC's φ16 hole mounting as the enable device.
In the future, IDEC is expected to provide consulting on the latest machine safety trends and how to assemble safety circuits, in addition to single enable devices such as HE5B type and HE1G type and HE2G type that realize a grip feeling based on ergonomics. increase.
In order to propose safer equipment to our customers and respond widely to the needs of the market, we will further strengthen our efforts to ensure safety in the various lineups of machine tools designed and developed by the company. You are considering it.