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Smart Machine Tools Design | APAC

Increase added value with sophisticated interface design to differentiate from competitors

Due to quality improvement in machine tools, focusing only on processing performance is not enough to differentiate from competitors

In recent years, competition between machine tool manufacturers has become fierce. This is mainly due not only to machine tool manufacturers around the world striving to enhance their technical capabilities, but also because it is now more difficult to attain levels of performance such as processing accuracy and speed that are different to those of competitors, as more high precision mechanical parts are distributed and utilized in machine tools.

In such a competitive market environment, machine tool design engineers are finding it difficult to come up with ways to differentiate their company's products from competitors.

Unique human-machine interface designs
For machine tool manufacturers who are considering differentiation from other companies, IDEC recommends that you aim to improve the value as a sophisticated device by focusing on interface design. In recent years product design has become an important point for equipment selection.

Considering a machining center etc. as an example, in addition to the body shape and color of the machine tool, the design of the operation panel can be seen with particular attention from each manufacturer. If the equipment itself is sleek and has a high-class design, it may be better to place a metal-like switch on the control panel to give a sense of unity.

We can aim at such a particular design by using the flush silhouette switch "LBW series" that can be attached to φ 22 mm and the bezel height is 2 mm. In addition, with the flash silhouette switch, not only the appearance is sleek but also the operation panel surface with less unevenness can be realized, so that it is possible to differentiate from the safety aspect that the operator's body is less likely to lead to an erroneous operation.

IDEC offers a wide variety of switches with a focus on design and functionality.
In addition to the LBW series, the flash silhouette switch is also available according to the application, such as the CW series, which can be mounted at φ 22 m and the contact block type at the contact point, and the LB series, which can be mounted at φ 18 mm. We also provide consulting to help you achieve an efficient switch layout and a sophisticated interface. Contact IDEC if you are considering making your machines stand out from the competition.