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LED Pilot Light | APAC

Prevent accidents, even in the bright light of the setting sun, with easy-to-see high-luminance LED pilot lights

Visibility of pilot lights used in normal operation panels worsens due to the setting sun
In construction sites where work is often performed outdoors in strong sunlight, resulting in the problem of signs that normally should be readily visible becoming hard to read. This is especially problematic in construction machinery such as small excavators where light only enters the operator's cockpit through the roof, making it difficult to determine whether a pilot light installed to the operation panel for indicating switch on/off status is lit up or not due to the effects of the setting sun.
To counter this decreased perception, which can result in mistaken operation, it is common to install some manner of sunshade at the work site in order to eliminate the effects of the setting sun, but this method is not very effective. As it is essential to improve the visibility of pilot lights in order to increase safety, what operation panel innovations by the construction machinery manufacturers are necessary to improve this visibility?

IDEC LED pilot lights are bright and perfect for conditions in which construction machinery is used

The concern of manufacturers when examining pilot light changes is that there are nearly no pilot lights that satisfy the severe use conditions. As construction machinery is used outdoors, pilot lights must not only be resistant to wind and rain, they must also be resistant to dirt, dust and other foreign materials getting into the light units. They must additionally have performance resistant to vibrations during machinery operation.
IDEC provides pilot lights that satisfy these conditions and are clearly visible even in the bright setting sun. IDEC's Q Series of LED pilot lights can satisfy the harsh conditions required by manufacturers. The Q Series provides high-performance pilot lights with environmental resistance that allows them to be used in a wide range of temperatures from -40 to +85°C, and also provide both water and dustproof performance that satisfies IP67. They do not require maintenance even if used continuously in the type of harsh conditions in which construction machinery operates.
These pilot lights prevent accidents due to mistaken operation thanks to the ability to accurately check the operating status of construction machinery in any kind of environment.

Feel free to consult with IDEC regarding interfaces of construction machinery
IDEC features a complete lineup of various items that are perfect for use with interfaces of construction machinery. In attention to the Q Series introduced here, we provide the KR Series (rocker switches with illuminated icons), KL Series (with an interlocking mechanism) and other items that can optimally meet the needs of any manufacturer. Please feel free to contact IDEC at any time and let us recommend interface solutions for you.