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Small Equipment Safety | APAC

Optimum safety measures for small equipment Reduce maintenance time and ensure safety

Securing safety for small equipment

A production engineer at an auto manufacturer for cranks, cams, and gears had issues concerning safety measures for production process that used press fitting machines. Press fitting machines are small, and too small for using a safety PLC. Even if a safety PLC could be used, user training was necessary so it required a lot of work. An easy and secure safety measure was required.
IDEC was able to improve safety of small equipment such as press fitting machines by using an IDEC device instead of a safety PLC. So what was the solution?

Create safety circuits easily with pre-programmed safety controllers
IDEC proposed a safety measure by using a safety controller with pre-defined logic circuits. No programming is required for the FS1A safety controller and a safety system can be built by simply selecting  a safety circuit logic. Knowledge of safety is not required but just simple wiring. Safety standards are achieved without using safety PLCs.
Programming time can be reduced and the quality of machine safety can be ensured by simply selecting the required safety circuit logic. At first, the customer was worried whether the safety controller was enough to do the job but is very satisfied now. They would like to use it in overseas factories and will consider standardizing within the company.
One FS1A safety controller can replace more than seven safety relay modules.
The below diagram is a comparison of circuits when configuring mode change system (logic 104)

Line up of various safety devices provides a safe production floor
IDEC provides high-quality safety devices such as safety controllers, emergency stop switches, enabling switches, safety laser scanners, and safety switches and has a positive reputation for having the most safety assessors in the industry. IDEC can provide your company with consulting on overall safety solutions for your manufacturing floor, not just on safety devices. Please contact IDEC if you have any concerns about safety measures.