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Dual-Action Interlocking | APAC

Two-action interlock function prevents downtime caused by interlock device failure on safety fences

Shocks due to opening and closing of doors cause damage to actuators

The challenge of achieving both safety and productivity

Person in charge of production technology of an automobile manufacturer. I am in charge of the processing line for metal parts, and every day I make trial and error to improve production efficiency. The current theme is "safety measures" to reduce human damage. Above all, I had a problem in confirming the existence of people in the safety fence. With mat sensors and light curtains, false detections and equipment failures occurred one after another.

Therefore, IDEC proposed a method that enables the detection of the presence of people inside the fence.

Safety laser scanner prevents human damage

The light curtain can detect when entering or leaving, but it cannot detect its existence and there is a blind spot. Although the mat sensor can detect the existence, there is a problem that it is easy to be damaged when a heavy object gets on it, and it is easy to cause troubles such as false detection when it overlaps. Furthermore, through hearings with customers and on-site confirmations, we confirmed that it was difficult to install with light curtains and mat sensors, and that the flexibility of installation was inconvenient.

Therefore, IDEC has proposed the SE2L safety laser scanner, which can flexibly monitor dangerous areas according to the installation situation. The SE2L type can detect the presence of a person easily over a long distance, and since it is non-contact, there is no risk of failure. When we actually introduced it together with our customers, in addition to being able to detect the presence of people inside the fence, we were able to monitor the two protected areas, which was previously required with two light curtains, into a single safety laser scanner. By consolidating it, we were able to reduce the total cost and were satisfied.

"IDEC has a complete lineup of safety equipment, and I'm glad I consulted with him. I was very satisfied with this result and decided to introduce a similar safety system to the Thai factory. The equipment itself is the same both in Japan and abroad. I would like to recommend this method to other factories. "