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Compact Equipment | APAC

Create space inside the semiconductor manufacturing equipment with slim relays and door interlock switches

Repeated design improvements have ensured that there is no wasted space inside the equipment

In order to better utilize limited clean room space, it is important for semiconductor manufacturing equipment to be made more compact and multi-functional.
However, it is extremely difficult to further improve on existing equipment that has already been designed to be as compact and multi-functional as possible. Such equipment usually has strict internal space restrictions, and limited freedom to modify the design. Although it is possible to completely redesign such equipment, this requires considerable use of economic and labor resources. It is not uncommon for semiconductor manufacturing equipment design engineers to be faced with such problems.

The industry's thinnest relays and the world's thinnest door interlock switches allow flexibility in design
In order to increase flexibility in design and enable miniaturization and multi-functionality, there are two potential approaches: modifying the arrangement of internal components to minimize wasted space, or replacing existing components with ones that are more compact in order to reduce the space that they take up. It is the latter of these two approaches is thought to be relatively easy to implement.
IDEC delivers products that can meet the high expectations of design engineers. The RV8H interface relay with a width of just 6 mm, is the thinnest in the industry, as well as the HS6E world's thinnest safety switch with solenoid for door locks. The RV8H is extremely slim, and is rated for a 6A high contact current. It is suitable for high density mounting applications. By replacing the conventional relays, space will be reduced by around half (when compared to our conventional products).

Compact products with functionality optimized for a variety of applications
IDEC also offers compact relays and door lock switches that can be tailored to each customer's desired performance.
Our relay lineup consists of the RJ series slim power relays designed for high contact current, the RF1V and RF2 force guided relays with increased safety that conform to applicable international standards, and the HS7A-DMC non-contact safety switch for door locking applications.
If you have any concerns, IDEC will suggest the products suitable for your equipment.