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Keep clean surface between humans and machines

To protect workers in various working conditions, such as with the recent coronavirus infections, a clean and safe working environment is required.
IDEC not only offers functional and effective products but helps provide cleanliness at the production site.

Rubber boot keeps cleanliness of Switches

By adding a rubber boot to the switches, the gaps between the operator and the bezel, where microbes can enter even with a stringent cleaning process, are no longer reachable. Rubber boot does not require a major modification to the design, therefore providing an immediate sealing solution to new & existing applications.

・Quick to install
・Immediate sealing solution to existing applications
・Wide variety

Pressure sensitive switches ensure a clean and safe environment

Edge, tape, bumper, and mat switches

By using pressure sensitive switches, infections transmitted by hands and fingers can be prevented because the switch can be turned on by feet or elbow.

・No direct contact with hands
・Custom design available