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Smart Static Elimination | APAC

Effective long-term measure for production sites requiring static removal

Extremely efficient static removal with no need for maintenance work

Static removal in semiconductor manufacturing sites must be efficient and low cost

In semiconductor manufacturing sites, where efficiency is relentlessly pursued, it is essential to eliminate faults and defects caused by element destruction and adhesion of foreign materials due to static electricity. Although conductive mats and ionizers are conventionally used in semiconductor manufacturing plants to eliminate static electricity, the performance of conductive mats varies depending on the manufacturer, and once the mats lose their effectiveness after being used for numerous years, quality and durability issues occur. There are additional issues of efficiency and maintenance costs such as the functional distance for static removal is short depending on the type of the ionizer, use of a anti-static filter decreases the static removal speed, and the filter clogs resulting in the need for maintenance. If you are in thorough pursuit of efficiency for semiconductor manufacturing, it is essential to apply measures that can ensure highly efficient static removal on the manufacturing sites and not require maintenance over a long period. However, unable to find truly definitive countermeasures, semiconductor manufacturers are most likely stuck performing endless trial and error measures.

New highly-efficient low-maintenance ionizer
This measure provides reliable static removal as well as little maintenance work and low costs as required by semiconductor manufacturers. IDEC recommends the SC1P Low-Maintenance High-Speed Anti-Static Blower as a static-removal measure that is optimal for semiconductor manufacturing sites. The SC1P combines multiple ion-generating devices and blows out highly concentrated ions in a uniform manner so that the ions can securely reach the static removal target object even if at a distance, thereby providing the highly efficient static removal.. The structure functions to prevent clogging even if using an anti-dust filter and there is nearly no decrease in static-removal efficiency if a filter is installed. Performance does not deteriorate even if there are long periods between cleaning or replacement of electrodes, along with other low-maintenance features to reduce needless work and costs. The anti-static blower has the perfect specifications for semiconductor manufacturing sites both from the perspective of efficient static removal and maintenance, and in terms of maintenance costs.
Feel free to consult with IDEC regarding layout and other features to match your line

IDEC, as your solutions company, provides support to solving the issues confronting manufacturing sites in various industries. Feel free to consult with us regarding anything from static electricity countermeasures required for production sites handling precision devices to measures for improving productivity and reducing labor time, as well as a wide array of safety measures.

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