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Smart Blind Spot Safety | APAC

Safety is maintained by surface detection sensors that never miss the presence of a person or forklift

Conventional safety measures cannot completely prevent human injury
It is common to use electric movable racks for storing items especially in confined spaces in a warehouse. Although forklifts are generally used in such cases to load and unload the items, sometimes persons go in between racks to perform cleaning or maintenance in the warehouse. Safety measures were applied to the electric movable racks in order to prevent accidents. Conventional safety measures consist of using photoelectric sensors to detect in a linear manner and safety bumpers that cause operation to stop when a human or forklift contacts them. However, these measures still contain "blind spots" where sensors cannot detect, and there have been cases where someone other than workers mistakenly operates the racks, resulting in human injury.

Just one scanner capable of surface detection reduces accidental operation of racks to zero


How can we achieve both safety and productivity when using these electric movable racks? With our many years of experience in safety measures for various industries, IDEC recommends the SE2L Laser Safety Scanner that is capable of detecting along surfaces. The SE2L Safety Laser Scanner can detect within a maximum range of a five meter radius along a 270 degree arc, enabling it to detect persons or forklifts just by installing one scanner near the center of each rack. Use of this scanner thoroughly prevents rack operation if someone mistakenly operates them in order to prevent any human  injury.

Blind Spot

Reduces unintentional machine stoppage due to dust and dirt
Using conventional photoelectric sensors can result in them detecting dust or dirt, causing operation of the racks to be stopped. The SE2L Safety Laser Scanner has a function to identify dust and dirt from the corresponding signals in order to prevent unintentional machine stoppage. Because this function can safely perform detection even in environments that temporarily become heavy in powder dust, it helps to improve the operation rate of warehouses.

Let IDEC create a safe production site for you
As specialists in safety measures, we at IDEC are dedicated to ensuring safety in a wide variety of industries. In addition to the SE2L Safety Laser Scanner described here, we also feature a wide variety of products that contribute to ensuring production site safety. Please feel free to contact IDEC for any questions or concerns regarding safety measures.