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Smart Pit Safety | APAC

Provides thorough safety measures even when changed to maintenance mode

Issue of detecting the ladder used for descending into pit
What measures are taken to prevent accidents when maintenance personnel enter a "pit" (area located at the very bottom of an elevator hoist way) to perform maintenance? In order to perform maintenance, the elevator operation mode is changed to maintenance mode and maintenance personnel use a ladder to descend into the pit. Although the elevator is returned to normal operation mode when maintenance is completed, switching to operation mode while the ladder for descending in the pit is still in place will cause the elevator cage to collide with the ladder.

Commonly, limit switches have been used to detect the presence of a ladder in order to prevent an accident caused by this type of human error. However, the use of limit switches requires installing a separate electrical circuit in order to ensure safety, creating the issue of increased time and effort and costs to install the separate circuit.

Safety switches that can ensure safety at low cost are a better option
The new safety standard EN81-20 implemented in Europe in 2014 requires the prevention of a collision between ladder and cage. Accordingly, it is necessary to not only reduce the time and effort and costs of design and installation, but the best alternatives must be studied from the perspective of ensuring the safety of the work site. As specialists in safety measures, IDEC recommends solutions using HS5D Safety Switches to all customers who expect to require compliance with this standard.

A mechanism to insert an actuator into the HS5D Safety Switches when the ladder is placed will connect the circuit simultaneously with the ladder placement. If you leave the ladder in place when maintenance is completed, the safety circuit will prevent operation mode from being turned on, which in turn, prevents any accident from occurring. Moreover, HS5D Safety Switches use a proprietary actuator that prevents invalidation for complete safety. As these safety switches comply with the new elevator safety standard EN81-20, they also serve as a perfect solution for elevator safety requirements.


Our varied and extensive lineup is full of useful solutions for elevator safety
IDEC provides an extensive lineup and range of items to ensure safety, so please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions. Allow us to provide you with the optimum solution.