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Smart Hoistway Control Panels | APAC

Improved maintenance work by introduction of highly dust-resistant panel internal lighting

Work efficiency decreases because panel is operated in the dark
As a result of the continued downsizing of elevator equipment, it is common for elevators today to not have an installable machine room, even though in the past it was essential to create space for a machine room. Accordingly, it is now increasingly common to install the control panel, which was formerly positioned in the machine room, on a wall of the hoist way. It has become regular procedure for maintenance personnel to get on top of the elevator cage and operate the control panel in the hoist way when performing legally stipulated periodic inspections.

Although such work could be performed under the lighting inside the cabin when the control panel was located in the machine room, there is no lighting in the hoist way, making it necessary for maintenance personnel to carry in separate head and hand lights in order to perform maintenance work. This makes it necessary for maintenance personnel to rely on lights with insufficient brightness, thereby decreasing their work efficiency. Given the benefits of optimizing and reducing the time of such maintenance work not only for maintenance companies but also for elevator users, elevator manufacturers have been searching for ways to improve such work.
Improved work efficiency by installing panel internal lighting fulfilling the necessary conditions
As a provider of products supporting elevator safety measures and maintenance optimization, IDEC recommends a solution for elevator manufacturers in the form of using our LF2B LED Units as panel internal lighting. Being white LED lights, LF2B units are not only extremely bright but they also provide a service life that is approximately 3.3 times that of fluorescent lights. Additionally, they feature dustproof performance that conforms to the IP65 protection class so that they can be used without worry in hoist ways that are always quite dusty.

The slim body design provides 40-mm width and 29-mm thickness so that they can easily be stored in thin control panels. This product satisfies the conditions required for panel internal lighting and greatly contributes to optimizing maintenance work. 
Additionally, LF2B units are compatible with a wide range of voltage from 10.8V to 30V DC, allowing them to be used with confidence as power outage lights for elevators even in conditions with unstable voltage.

Increased flexibility in meeting customer demands based on safety standards compliance
In addition to LED lighting, IDEC provide a wide selection of products that are useful for improving work efficiency and safety in elevator installation sites. Please feel free to contact IDEC if you have any questions or concerns regarding the selection of safety equipment and control instruments corresponding to elevator-related standards, laws and regulations.