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Minimize Downtime | Solutions | APAC

Install products that perform: Long-lasting and Durable Devices

Unreliable products can prolong downtime. With devices and components that work for extended periods of time, you can keep machines up and running longer without maintenance. We offer a range of waterproof and dustproof switches with mean time to failure (MTTF) ratings of 100 years or more. You also get solid-state security with products such as our new PW1L and PN1L switches, rated to 60M operating cycles.

Detect problems from a distance: Remote Monitoring and Control

Large or complex machine manufacturing operations require constant and close supervision. Remote monitoring and control (M&C) systems help production managers and maintenance workers supervise equipment and assess maintenance requirements from anywhere. They alert workers when readings, temperatures, and fluid levels, for example, are about to cross dangerous thresholds. IDEC provides cameras for visual monitoring, sensors that detect fast-moving objects and tiny objects through narrow or limited space and at long distances, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-enabled controllers that manage data exchange and inputs to maintenance systems. With systems like this in place, manufacturers can address equipment problems before they materialize and keep production lines moving.

Mind your machines: Preventative and Predictive Maintenance

Preventive and predictive maintenance is critical for minimizing production downtime. Logging equipment wear and tear and scheduling upkeep according to predetermined milestones in the machine life cycle can help avoid unplanned downtime. Identifying patterns from machine-generated data allows maintenance workers to anticipate fatigue, neglect, or normal wear before they develop into major defects, breakdowns, and malfunctions. IDEC provides smart devices to monitor machine performance and alert workers when it is time for maintenance. Our sensors, PLCs, and HMIs collect valuable machine intelligence that helps predict failure before it occurs.

Simplify your swap-outs: Easy Replacements

While preventing downtime is a crucial objective for manufacturers, sometimes downtime is necessary. From time to time, machines must be temporarily stopped to replace parts and perform maintenance. A task as simple as adjusting the wiring inside a switch requires time and effort to remove and replace screws using a screwdriver. In space-restricted settings, there may not be enough room to even do the job. IDEC provides components that are easy to install and detach, such as connectors instead of screws. They help to significantly reduce maintenance time and get the production line back up and running quickly.

Stay clear of setbacks: Avoid Downtime Caused by Accidents and Injury

Dangerous equipment malfunctions and employee injuries can contribute to production downtime. Safety devices help protect workers and preempt disaster. For example, interlock switches trigger power circuits to shut down during an emergency. Light curtains, equipped with a muting control function, cause the production line to stop when a person (not an object) passes through. Safety laser scanners detect people and objects entering a danger zone. IDEC helps keep your operation running with specialized technology that helps avoid mishaps.