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Responsibility to Global and Local Communities

Solving social issues through our business(CSV)

Since its founding in 1945, the IDEC Group has provided various products and services to our society. We will contribute to solving social issues in diversifying society, aim to achieve sustainable developments through creating the optimum environment for humans and machines.

Social Contribution Activities

Since its founding, the IDEC Group has made "contributing to society through business growth" one of its management principles. Furthermore, not only do we contribute to society through our business activities, but from a broader perspective, each and every one of our employees participates in society as a corporate citizen rooted in the local community, supporting and promoting social contributions and volunteer activities.

Community Contribution Activities

The IDEC Group promotes communication with members of the community and conducts community-based contribution activities. We communicate with them through local cleaning activities with participation by employees, welcoming local students to visit our office and so on.

Disaster Relief

In cases where large-scale natural disasters occur in Japan and overseas, the IDEC Group donates funding to support relief and reconstruction activities in the disaster-stricken area; in addition, we encourage employees to make contributions and the IDEC Group adds the same amount of donation (matching gift) that is raised through their efforts.

Contribution to the International Society

We introduce the social contribution activities that the IDEC Group is engaged in as a member of the international society.