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Safety Policy

Mindful of our corporate creed “Respect for Humanity,” the IDEC Group pledges to conduct all business activities in ways that contribute to the economy and the global community. Based on this fundamental policy, we strive to create a safe and comfortable environment within the IDEC Group and throughout the global community. The IDEC Group, unrivalled in the pursuit of safety, aspires to a higher level of safety in all operations.

Ensuring Employee Safety

The IDEC Group puts top priority on ensuring the health and safety of every employee. Dedicated to preventing work-related accidents and any impact on health, the IDEC Group’s employees work hard to create and maintain a safe, healthy work environment.


The IDEC Group is committed to:

1. Complying with all laws and regulations that cover occupational safety and health. We have also established the Group’s own safety and health management system, as well as the standards to prevent accidents. Our activities to ensure workplace safety and health are independent and are carried out systematically.

2. Performing risk assessments to investigate possible dangers or harm in the work environment, and taking the necessary steps to protect employees from any danger or health impact.

3. Providing employees with training and consultations on mental healthcare and encouraging all employees to reach their full potential at work. A return-to-work program is provided.


Safety of Society

The IDEC Group is committed to the safety of society in a variety of ways. We maintain product safety and provide solutions and products that help to ensure the safe operation of machines and systems.


1. At the IDEC Group, when evaluating the performance of our products, safety is the most important element. In all of the production stages―from planning and designing to manufacturing―and after the products are sold, we continue to improve product safety.

2. We contribute to society by developing, manufacturing, and selling control equipment with safety features that are intended to protect the people who operate the machines and systems.

3. For society as a whole, we provide safety solution services, not limited to manufacturing sites. We help to raise awareness of safety and we support initiatives that promote safety.

4. As well as providing safety training to employees, we also train and develop the careers of people who perform risk assessments and evaluations, i.e., safety assessors, both within and outside the IDEC Group.

5. We actively promote and take part in creating safety standards for machines, systems, and equipment with the goal of improving their safety.


Revised on June 1, 2018

Toshi K. Funaki

Toshi K. Funaki

Chairman and C.E.O.