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Initiatives for Safety


Safety Policy

Based on our corporate creed “respect for humanity,” the fundamental management policy of the IDEC Group is “contribute to the society and economy through business activities.” The IDEC Group aims to achieve a high level of safety in all our business activities, by creating a safe and comfortable environment—in and out of IDEC Group—throughout the global society.

Pursuing and Promoting Safety

Since founded in 1947, the IDEC Group has been committed to develop machine safety and explosion-protection technologies. We have devoted ourselves to the safety in the environment where humans and machines coexist, while promoting our core business of control equipment and systems.
Furthermore, we have provided the safety technology based on the risk assessment to our customers, which contributes to construct the manufacturing sites where both safety and productivity are ensured. . Our activities have also extended to representing Japan in ISO and IEC technical committees and creating international safety standards.
Safety is the core of our five CSR pillars—environment, society, governance, safety, and quality Our passion for developing cutting-edge hardware/software, and creating standards that enhance the safety of working environment, never ceases to grow. The IDEC Group, as we have long done so, aims to be the leading safety-promoting entity.

Collaborative Safety / Safety2.0

As we enter an era where humans and machines/robots work collaboratively, IDEC promotes the next generation of safety concepts, "Collaborative Safety / Safety2.0". The conventional way to raise the safety level is to implement safety measures to machines and to eliminate areas where humans and machines coexist. In Safety2.0, all these parties—humans, machines, and the environment—collaborate and maintain a high level of safety.
Based on the concept, IDEC is developing new businesses, such as constructing flexible yet highly safe and productive production systems and providing safety consultation services for collaborative robot systems.

To Create Safety in Production Sites

Safety and productivity do not have to be trade-offs. In production sites, allocating time and cost for safety has become a conventional practice, while maximizing productivity. Safety cannot be ensured by education alone. We need to use machines that ensure safety even if an operator makes a mistake or the machine malfunctions. Safety devices are installed in that machine, and they need be affordably priced in order to be widely utilized. To create a new sense of value based on establishing both productivity and safety, as well as providing appropriate and economical safety devices that match the risk level - this is the mission of the IDEC Group.

Proposals for Safe Manufacturing

At IDEC, we not only develop devices for machine safety. We also evaluate the potential risk of the product itself in all stages of the development process as a manufacturer’s responsibility, and take necessary measures if required. We have established a cycle wherein safety pros teach new pros; we train qualified safety assessors throughout our entire company, from R&D, Product Planning departments, and Sales, performing the risk assessment both inside and outside the company. We inherit and further expand this Safety DNA to create IDEC's safety culture.

ISO 45001 Certification

The Takino factory became the first worksite of IDEC that acquired ISO 45001, an international standard for occupational health and safety management systems, in March 2019. Then in FY2022, IDEC’s five locations—the Tatsuno Distribution Center as well as the four factories in Takino, Fukusaki, Amagasaki, and Kiba— acquired ISO 45001 under a common management system. Therefore, all of our production sites in Japan have acquired the certification. We are working on improving safety, health, and well-being of all people in our workplace, and creating a more secure work environment for our employees.