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IDEC Quality Standard 

IDEC Quality Standard

Considering that the IDEC Group has employees with diverse cultures and values on a global scale, we have established the IDEC Quality Standard to unify the Group's approach to the quality of our products and services, with the intention of all members of the group can continue to actively fulfill their responsibility and mission for quality.
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Quality Statement

The IDEC Quality Standard represents the following 5 quality statements

The Quality Statement of IDEC Group consists of 3 elements “Quality first”, “Customer focus”, and “Quality management”, which continuously exist and 2 elements “Security, Safety and Well-being” and “Technology”, which IDEC Group actively working on for future development.
Each company and member in IDEC Group will understand the IDEC Quality Standard as common quality policy shared in "One IDEC", and carry it at all times for review.
IDEC Group take an action to enhance both social reliability and company values, to maximize the customer customer satisfaction and reliability.