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Introduction of Self-Consumption Solar Power Generation

By accelerating the introduction of our own solar power generation facilities for our offices and factories both in Japan and overseas, we are reducing the environmental impact we create by replacing electricity with renewable energy.

In addition to the existing solar power generation facility, IDEC (unconsolidated) started constructing a one additional new power generation facility in FY2024, and is planning to increase additional two new facilities in FY2025.

Among our domestic group companies, power generation facilities have been installed in the factory and head office of IDEC FACTORY SOLUTIONS CORPORATION. Globally, solar power generation facilities are also in operation at our U.S. office and factory and our UK factory.

IDEC Group's Self-Consumption Solar Power Generation

IDEC FACTORY SOLUTIONS CORPORTION's factory(Ichinomiya-city, Aichi, Japan)

Assembly Center(Tatsuno-city, Hyogo, Japan)

The new factory, which started operation in April 2021, has 202 solar panels on its rooftop capable of generating approximately 86,000kW per year as an initiative to reduce environmental impact. The new factory will be able to cover 45-50% of its electricity usage with its own power generation.200 solar panels are installed at the Assembly center built in May 2019. (Generation scale 65kW)

IDEC FACTORY SOLUTIONS CORPORTION's factory (Ichinomiya-city, Aichi, Japan)

Takino Business Site (Kato-city, Hyogo, Japan)

As an initiative for reducing environmental loads, the new headquarter of the IDEC FACTORY SOLUTIONS has installed 108 solar panels on the rooftop to set a self-consumption solar power generation since April 2022, which covers approximately 50% of power consumption of the new headquarter.Takino Business Site has started operating a self-consumption solar power generation since June 2022. 769 solar panels were installed, which covers 8.4% of power consumption of the business site.


APEM Inc. (California, U.S.)

At IDEC CORPORATION (U.S.), solar panels were installed on the office rooftop in 2008, and LED lighting was installed throughout the office in 2018. We strive to reduce CO2 through energy-saving measures include switching to more efficient air conditioners that standardize the office temperature by regulating the effects of air flow and sunlight.

At a group company APEM Inc., 900 solar panels were installed on the office rooftop in 2019. The amount of power produced varies per month, its total amount per year exceeds the necessary amount for the office.