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Dialogue with shareholders and investors

We proactively engage with our shareholders and investors to gain their confidence in and fair evaluation of our management, with the aim of facilitating the IDEC Group’s sustainable growth and improving its corporate value over the medium to long-term.
This includes diligently responding to requests for interviews from shareholders and institutional investors.
Information acquired from those interactions, including appraisals and opinions concerning markets, is regularly reported to the Board of Directors.



  Financial results briefings4 times
  Small meetings with investors1 times
  Briefings for private investorsTwice

■Summary of shareholders with whom dialogue was held

・Investment style: Active, passive
・Counterparts: Fund managers, analysts, responsible investment representatives, shareholder voting representatives etc.

■Main topics of dialogue and matters of interest to shareholders

・Financial goals and strategies in the medium-term management plan
・Specific activities of outside directors and initiatives of the nominating committee and compensation committee
・Succession plan
・Initiatives to climate change
・Initiatives to diversity and inclusion
・Policy of shareholder returns
・Future investment policy