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Procurement | APAC

Purchasing Policy

In engaging in new transactions, the IDEC Group will provide an environment in which all suppliers can trade with it in a fair and impartial manner. To increase customer satisfaction even further, it will strive to build a supply-chain management (SCM) system on a global basis, seeking to secure an extensive range of suppliers around the world. Together with aiming to procure materials with outstanding quality, cost, and delivery (QCD) performance and low environmental impact, it also will aim to realize coexistence and co-prosperity with suppliers as good business partners, and contribute to a sustainable society.

To enable global production activities, outstanding parts and materials shall be procured from global suppliers in the optimal locations.

[Fair and impartial]
Pursuing equal opportunities for transactions, the Group will engage in fair transactions regardless of company size or nationality. Relations shall be built based on mutual cooperation and trust through transactions reflecting comprehensive, fair evaluation of matters, such as quality, price, delivery time, stability of supply, and CSR.

[Green procurement]
Procurement transactions shall be conducted in compliance with laws and regulations, and standards related to environmental protection and proactive efforts shall be made to lessen environmental impact through means, such as development of environmental management systems together with suppliers, thorough management of chemical substances, and promoting recycling of resources, to procure eco-friendly materials with low environmental impact.

[CSR procurement]
CSR procurement shall be advanced, based on consideration for matters, such as legal and regulatory compliance, respect for human rights, occupational health and safety, relevant efforts for responsible minerals sourcing, environmental protection, coexistence with society, timely and appropriate disclosure of information, and protection of confidential information.