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Explosion-Proof Devices

Explosion-Proof Devices
IDEC is committed to providing explosion-proof products for the extreme operating environment that protect human life and equipment. From intrinsic barriers, LED Lighting, switches, operator interfaces, and network cameras, our products are proven to work under extreme environment while conform to the highest standards.
Barriers (3)
Intrinsic Safety Relay Barriers are essential components of an intrinsically safe application. These devices limit current, voltage, & total energy delivered to a sensor or any other actuator instrument located in a hazardous area. When used in areas with hazardous chemicals, gases or other ignitable atmospheres, limiting the energy is required to prevent any possible fires & explosions from occurring.
Pushbuttons and Pilot Lights (2)
Our Class I Zone I switches are available in non-illuminated pushbutton, selector switches, key selector switches, pilot lights, meter, and E-stop. Our switches are fully sealed to prevent the release of enough electrical energy to ignite explosive gases or vapors into the environment, providing increased safety for applications in hazardous environments or those with potentially explosive atmospheres.