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Industrial Switches Business | APAC

Creating an optimum environment for humans and machines as a leading company in the field of Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

Leveraging control technologies accumulated since its founding, IDEC contributes to realizing a safer and sustainable society by providing innovative solutions globally, not only for the factory automation (FA) industry but also in familiar daily-life situations.
In 2017, the French industrial switch manufacturer APEM Group was added to the IDEC Group, expanding its product lineup in the HMI field.
This addition to the IDEC brand enabled market expansion via APEM-brand products that featured superior designability and environmental resistance, allowing the IDEC Group to provide a variety of products and solutions to customers in a broader range of industries.
We are aiming at nothing less than becoming the number one global HMI company, through our dedicated pursuit of quality, durability, and safety in our products, and through a lineup that boasts a designability and an ease of use that anyone can understand. Through our product lineup, we are able to provide countless solutions that bring together humans and machines.


Control switches and pilot light

We began manufacturing and marketing control switches in 1958. We meet a wide range of customer needs with a product lineup consisting of pushbuttons, illuminated pushbuttons, selector switches, key selectors, and pilot lightsin all sizes, shapes, and color variations. We recently added the industry’s thinnest flush silhouette switches, which help improve the design and operational qualities of machinery and devices. We have a large share of the control switch sector in Japan and abroad.

Operator interfaces

Operator interfaces are terminals that can display and be operated with a touch panel. They are used in not only manufacturing but also daily life settings. We are improving display performance by incorporating high-resolution liquid crystals and high-luminosity LED backlighting into our products. And we are enhancing communication performance as well as providing screen sizes to meet any application. In these and other ways, we are creating connected operating environments for a broad range of contexts.

Improve management quality globally

As a manufacturer, we believe it is indispensable not only to improve product quality, but also to improve management quality through CSR activities. In order to enhance management quality, we will actively establish the global human resource management system, develop and secure human resources that will drive corporate transformation, and work style reforms to realize life work balance and diverse human resources We promote diversity that can be active. By improving both product quality and management quality, we aim to improve corporate quality and maximize corporate value.

Control switch [APEM brand]

APEM joined the IDEC Group in March 2017. An established manufacturer that was founded in 1952, APEM makes and markets switches in Europe and other regions. It handles a broad range of push-buttons, toggle switches, and rocker switches among other products.

Joystick [APEM brand]

It is a device that inputs the direction using a lever, and is used when operating industrial equipment in addition to special vehicles such as agricultural machinery and construction machinery. In order to meet a wide range of applications and needs, we have a lineup of products with various variations