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Automation & Sensing Business | APAC

Offering a broad range of optimal solutions in the era of IoT and Industry 4.0, while promoting Connected Industries

As IoT is exhibiting growth in a variety of industrial sites and daily-life scenes, we are seeing a growing demand for support for remote monitoring and operations.
Since there is also a rising demand for products that can serve as key devices in the need for high working efficiency and the drive towards automation that is going hand-in-hand with a reduced working population and advancing technology, we have a multi-faceted and diverse variety of products available. 
In 2017, we added Welcat Inc. to the IDEC Group. Welcat is known for its advanced technical skill in the field of automatic identification devices such as code scanners, which is aiding us in expanding our product lineup and making increased market inroads.
IDEC contributes to greater production automation and efficiency by providing a variety of products and solutions. These include programmable logic controllers, used to control machine equipment and assembly lines; operator interfaces, for more comfortable operating environments; sensors that can identify physical objects and changes in conditions; and code scanners and RFID systems whose demand is expanding in traceability applications.


Programmable logic controllers (PLC)

Our PLCs are used to control equipment operation. They can even handle complex processes by being programmed for specific purposes. They therefore make automation and labor-savings possible for various types of equipment, including factory production facilities. With the arrival of the IoT (Internet of Things) era, we are expanding our lineup of internet-ready products for remote monitoring and remote control. We are also developing unique display-integrated products that reduce the wiring, space, and man-hour requirements of user applications.

Teaching pendants

Teaching pendants are input/operation devices for programming and startup/teaching operations for robots as well as various kinds of devices and equipment, including machine tools. Our teaching pendants come with 3-position enabling switches and are made to provide safety, operability, and ease of use. The lineup includes types with superior impact and environmental resistance as well as miniaturized and lightweight products.

Automatic identification devices (Auto-ID)

Our automatic recognition devices read 1D and 2D barcodes as well as RFID. We use them to provide solutions in response to each customer need and market characteristic in retail, healthcare, factory automation (FA), and distribution and logistics. We provide customers with the optimum automatic recognition systems by leveraging an extensive lineup that includes IDEC-developed products as well as wearable terminals and handy terminals from Welcat, a member of the IDEC Group.


Our lineup of sensors includes those that detect objects by the amount of reflected or blocked light as well as photoelectric switches and proximity switches. IDEC’s unique optical design and production technologies enable stable detection. Our broad range of products includes water- and dust-resistant protective structures and sensors capable of detecting transparent objects.