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Industrial Components Business | APAC

Resolving customers’ challenges with a full lineup of industrial components

Our “industrial components” represent a catch-all name for the various electronic devices incorporated inside control panels and control boxes that are used to control and manipulate machinery and manufacturing lines.
These panel solutions are in use in a wide variety of settings such as those for building facilities management or elevator controls, not to mention in industrial settings.
Due to increasing need for space-saving and cost-reduction devices, the miniaturization of control panels has received considerable attention.
IDEC solves this problem by providing customers with a varied lineup of in-panel products that enable space saving and increase operational efficiency.
These variations include relays that switch electronic signals on and off, circuit protectors that offer defense against current surges above rated capacities, switching power supplies that convert the alternating current in commercial power supplies to a more stable direct current voltage, and the LED illumination units equipped inside machine tools and control panels that emit a clear and uniform illumination.



A relay that opens and closes (turns “on” and “off”) a contact with an electromagnet is called a “relay.” Relays are used in various types of machinery, ranging from the household appliances that everyone uses to industrial equipment. We supply relays with variations suitable for all purposes. In addition to small and slim models that save space inside control panels, we also provide models capable of handling high load and two pole-type force-guided relays that reduce the cost of safety measures.

Terminal blocks

A terminal block is a mechanical component that integrates multiple terminals for connecting, branching, and relaying wires. Our lineup includes screw-type products suitable for various uses that also improve convenience, such as by reducing man-hours during wiring, as well as spring clamp-type products with superior vibration resistance and space-saving qualities.

Switching power supplies

Electronic devices require a stable direct current with little voltage fluctuation. This is why our switching power supplies convert commercial alternating power into direct current. IDEC’s switching power supplies have a slimmer design that reduces space requirements in control panels while also achieving ease of use and functionality. We provide power supplies that help achieve miniaturization and lower costs to the global market.

Circuit protectors

Our circuit protectors function to provide overcurrent protection. They protect circuits with open contacts when current exceeds the rated level. IDEC’s lineup meets miniaturization and space reduction needs. Ideal for protecting control circuits, our products reduce wiring man-hours and have a safe design that prevents electric shock.

LED illumination units

Our LED illumination units products have dust and water resistance that make them suitable for the harsh environments of industrial machinery. When it comes to industrial lighting, our customers demand a product lineup that provides more than just brightness; they want visibility. They also demand environment-resistant products that help make machines smaller and more functional. This is why we provide a lineup of high-performance products for machine tools that can even withstand exposure to scattering cutting scraps and coolant.