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Various solutions for new business

Contributing to resolving social issues through a variety of solutions utilizing control technologies

One of the group members, IDEC FACTORY SOLUTIONS CORPORATION, is developing a collaborative safety robot systems business that will act as a robotic systems integrator for the cooperation of humans and machines.
In recent years, industrial sites have seen rapid progress in the introduction of collaborative robots in response to manpower shortages and in order to improve productivity and efficiency.
These robots are capable of working at the same sites as humans without the need for safety fences.
To that end, we are able to focus on one of IDEC’s strengths—safety-related devices and safety systems that allow us to propose systems that incorporate elements such as collaborative robots and vision sensors, AI, and automatic guided vehicles from multiple manufacturers, and to put together a wide variety of application packages that let us match optimal collaborative safety robot systems to our customers’ needs.
In addition, through our efforts towards the promulgation of such initiatives as mega solar power generation, renewable energy, and next-generation agricultural plants, we are able to put the control technologies, environmental technologies, and fine-bubble technologies that we have cultivated over many years into motion, and we can contribute towards resolving a variety of social issues that are advancing on a global level.  


Collaborative safety robot system

We will help eliminate labor shortages and improve productivity at manufacturing sites through a “collaborative safety robot system” that fuses IDEC’s safety and control technologies and IDEC Factory Solutions’ system integration (SI). Unlike the system integrators affiliated with robot manufacturers, IDEC Factory Solutions is an independent system integrator without a specific robot manufacturer. This quality allows it to handle robots from a broad range of manufacturers. Accordingly, we will provide all-encompassing support that includes selecting robots and ancillary devices that address the challenges and requests of our customers, designing more suitable robot systems, and introducing and operating those systems.

Mega solar business

More and more clean power generation systems are needed to solve environmental and energy problems. In light of this, IDEC will provide “one-stop” solutions for mega solar projects (specifically covering power plant site acquisition, system design, selection of the best physical infrastructure, procurement, construction, applications, and maintenance). Moreover, by fully leveraging our control technologies for industry and business, we will propose energy management oriented toward realizing optimal environments for stores and other business facilities and bringing about balance with energy conservation as well as energy creation and storage.

Fine bubble technology

We are endeavoring to create new industries using fine bubble technology, a realm in which IDEC is a world leader. One example is our effort to promote the development of international standards. We are advancing the application of this technology in a broad range of fields, including industrial cleaning and growth promotion in agriculture and fisheries.